Dedicated to promoting the thoughtful stewardship of Vermont's privately-owned working forests
Proud Sponsor of the American Tree Farm System in Vermont
Vermont Tree Farm System

Vermont Woodlands Association

is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is to advocate for the management, sustainability, perpetuation, and enjoyment of forests through the practice of excellent forestry that employs highly integrated management practices that protect and enhance both the tangible and intangible values of forests - including clean air and water, forest products, wildlife habitat, biodiversity, recreation, scenic beauty, and other resources - for this and future generations. VWA objectives are to communicate the benefits of working forests, recognize exemplary actions of woodland owners and managers, provide educational opportunities, and to represent its membership before governmental bodies.

What is Our Purpose?

The Vermont Woodlands Association strives to educate, train, and support private forest landowners in sound management practices concerning wildlife, water, wood, and recreation. We do this by managing and enhancing the American Tree Farm System® Program in Vermont. We work with all forestry-related groups to coordinate opportunities for landowners to network, meet natural resource professionals, and learn about management practices and program. VWA sponsors educational programs for teachers and students to produce future stewards of Vermont’s forests. We encourage efforts to promote and retain programs at the state and national levels to support private forestry.

Learn more about Vermont Woodlands Association through our Public Service Announcements (click on the video itself if you are using Internet Explorer, please note: video will not play using Chrome as browser)

VWA PSA with Kim Royar, Fish & Wildlife biologist:
Or view on youtube here.

VWA PSA with Mike Fritz, Landowner and Tree Farmer:
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VWA PSA with Richard Carbonetti, Consulting Forester:

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VWA's Kathleen Wanner and John Buck on Positively Vermont:

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VWA Annual Meeting March 2015