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Vermont Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Forestry Equipment and Parts Information

  * Vermont Sale And Use Tax Exemption for Forestry Equipment Fact Sheet

Form S-3W and Instruction for Form S-3W (PDF)

Vermont Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Forestry and Wood Products Machinery, Equipment, and Repair Parts

  * Form REF-620- Application for Refund of VT Sales and Use Tax

* To Learn more about Vermont business taxes, visit or contact the Department's Business Tax Sections at or (802)828-2551

Forms and copy of all information above can be found at:

VWA Policy Statements

  * Public Policy Issue Brief: Level the Playing Field for Vermont’s Forest
Landowners, Foresters, and Harvesters
  * Public Policy Issue Brief: Protecting Woodland Owner’s Right to Practice Forestry

Public Policy Issue Brief: Renewable Energy Resources from Vermont Forests;
Woody Biomass

  * Letter of Support from UVM Extension's Chuck Ross to support a proposal to re-establish UVM Extension Forestry

Public Policy Issue Brief: Protecting Vermont’s Woodlands from Invasive Pests

These bulletins are written by landowners for landowners.

  * Care and Maintenance of Wild Apple Trees
  * Forest Stand Improvement

Portable Skidder Bridge Initiative

  * Wooden Portable Skidder Bridge Information Sheet

Silviculture and Climate Change

  * Establishing Red Oak Trees On Your Property
By Patrick Bartlett, Forestry & Wildlife Habitat Consultant


2011 VWA Annual Meeting