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Woodland Retreat

If you are a new landowner or new to forest land management, our Woodland Retreat weekends are designed for you. At a retreat weekend, you will explore management topics, expand your knowledge of our forests and forestry in Vermont, and help you become a good forestland steward. Using classroom discussion and field work participants are given hands-on opportunities and access to professionals who can answer all your questions.

The cost for this workshop is just $125, which includes access to a wealth of information, materials, meals, and overnight accommodations. If you would like to commute and do not need accommodations it is $75 per person. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from the experts and network with other landowners.

VWA also offers a monthly Walk in the Woods - please view schedule.

Upcoming Woodland Retreat Programs

Check back for 2017 dates!




Seyon Lodge State Park

2015 Woodland Retreat: Seyon Lodge, Groton

2009 Level II Forestry School: Hulbert Outdoor Center