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VWA position on deer herd management

VWA position on Use Value Appraisal

VWA position on Green Mountain National Forest Land & Resource Management Plan (118kb PDF document)

VWA position on Green Mountain National Forest Wilderness Designation (10kb PDF document)

VWA Position on Early-Successional Forests (9kb PDF document)

VWA Position on Illegal ATV Use on Private and State Lands. Problems associated with illegal all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are widespread in Vermont and getting worse. Because unauthorized activity is taking place on private and state woodlands, and considerable resource and property damage is resulting, the Legislature and state agencies should:

  * Make registration mandatory for all ATVs that are being used off of one's own property. This would be the same requirement as is currently applied to snowmobile ownership in Vermont. Registration identification markings on ATVs should be visible.
  * Enforce the current written landowner permission requirement for ATV use.
  * Continue existing policies prohibiting recreational ATV use on state lands.