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Vermont Woodlands Association and the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation are inviting you to take a monthly excursion into Vermont’s forests, county by county. The monthly walks in the woods will be led by county foresters, consulting foresters, and natural resource professionals to showcase the wonders and enjoyment of Vermont’s lush forests. Participants are encouraged to wear sturdy walking shoes or boots.

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Photos and Videos from past Walk in the Woods workshops:

View photos from October 21st Tree Farm walk in Cabot, VT.


Walk in the Woods- Who Goes There
Wildlife Tracking Workshop with Ed Sharron of the National Park Service
Saturday, 3/10/18, 10am-1pm
Photo Album HERE or watch the PEG TV VIDEO from the Workshop

WALK IN THE WOODS: Diversified Land Management with a Timbersale Tour 
Galusha Hill Farm, Topsham, VT
, Feb. 2018. Photo Album HERE

WALK IN THE WOODS: Wildlife Benefits of a Timber Harvest  WALK IN THE WOODS: Wildlife Benefits of a Timber Harvest at the Stone Tree Farm in Wallingford, VT. February 2018.
Photo Album Coming Soon!

This walk was hosted to demonstrate actions landowners engaged in the Woods, Wildlife and Warblers program have done on their land since their visit from a woodland professional. This timber harvest with wildlife in mind, was also a part of the Habitat for Heat program. The Habitat for Heat initiative is the latest example of a local the many benefits of supporting local, renewable forest products. In this example, partners from the Woods, Wildlife and Warblers (WWW) program are tracking the full forest products supply chain: starting with the family sourcing to the material to the end user of local, renewable wood pellets.

The goal of Habitat for Heat (H4H) is to illustrate
the many benefits of sustainable forest management, from first creating better bird and wildlife habitat on the ground, to supporting local economies, to providing a energy-efficient heat supply to a local community center. By highlighting the process and the full suite of benefits, H4H can work to incentive landowners to manage for habitat otherwise lacking on the landscape, forest product companies to prefer wildlife-friendly fiber, and local businesses to purchase products that support the health and resiliency of Vermont’s forests.

A Ski and Snowshoe in the Woods: Forestry Tour at the Spitzer Demonstration Forest, NorthWoods Stewardship Center, Feb. 2018. Photo Album HERE.

A Walk in the Woods: Wildlife Tracking Workshop with Ed Sharron of the Northeast Temperate Network (NPS). Photo Album HERE.

Woods, Wildlife and Warblers Program Walk in the Woods at Alan Calfee's in Rupert, 2017 Photo Album HERE

Weyerhaeuser Co. and Vermont ANR: September 2017

                                      Kevin Hall Walk in Braintree: August 2016

Pfalzerwald Tree Farm Tour & Walk
August 2014


Investigating Wildlife Tracking Workshop with Lynn Levine-February 2014
Listen to VPR Story, " Tracking Opens Window On World Of Animals"
Photo & Story Credit VPR/Susan Keese


Wildlife Winter Survival Strategies with Jayson Benoit & Paul Hamelin
Northwoods Stewardship Center

February 2014
Photos: Jayson Benoit


Plum Creek Walk in the NEK
July 2013

Pfalzerwald Tree Farm Walk
August 2012
Apple Tree Pruning & Maintenance
April 2012


Sugarbush Management Walk with Kevin Hall
March 2012


Walk in Thetford-Invasive Plant ID & Control
September 2011
Walk in Tunbridge-Northern Hardwood Forest Management
June 2011


Walk in Jericho-Forest Insects & Disease in Your Woodlands
May 2011
Walk in Tunbridge-Woodland Boundary Lines
April 2011


Walk in Berlin-Apple Tree Pruning and Maintenance
February 2011
Walk in Rupert-Recreation
February 2010



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