Forestry Equipment Tax Exemption

Forestry Equipment Tax Exemption

Forestry Equipment Tax Exemption

Organization:Vermont Department of Taxes | Date:June 1, 2019

Vermont Department of Taxes || June 2019

Tax and this year’s legislation

The Vermont Department of Taxes has published the 2019 Legislative Highlights. There were many changes this year. Changes related to taxation in Vermont include:

  • Purchase of controlling interest in real estate
  • Capital gains exclusion cap
  • E-cigarettes
  • Marketplace Facilitators
  • Restricted use of 529 (VHEIP) plan withdrawals
  • Additional Sales Tax Exemptions for Automotive Parts, Forestry Machinery

Timber Harvesting Equipment, Act 29 (H.82)

Effective May 23, 2019. Vermont’s Sales and Use Tax exemption on certain forestry equipment and machinery has been expanded. Because these accessories are used exclusively with the exempt machinery, a Form S-3W is not required, though some retailers may ask for it.

  • Expands the sales and use tax exemption relating to machinery used for forestry-related activities, to include the following list of accessory parts:
    • Traction enhancement accessories
    • Tire chains
    • Track systems
    • Winch cables

Our Fact Sheet contains the complete list of exempted equipment.


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