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The Association is a group of more than one thousand private landowners just like you. They live and work in your communities and are committed to preserving the working landscape of Vermont. Other members represent the professional community. They are also foresters, loggers, sawmill operators, wood products manufacturers, and retailers who bring expertise in a variety of forest-related topics. Together, our private and professional members raise one voice for the future of good forestry in Vermont.

Why Should You Join?

Simply stated, the Vermont Woodlands Association needs you! A unified group of like-minded landowners and professionals wield greater influence than individuals alone. 

If you are a forest landowner, forestry-related processional, or an individual who cares about the future of the forest, please consider joining others with similar beliefs. Our locally led membership organization represents and promotes the interest of all.

Vermont Woodlands Association currently has about 1200 members who manage more than 350,700 acres of woodland. If you would like to become a member you may view and print our brochure or download the membership form and mail to the office with your check. We also offer a Paypal option. Please complete the following form and click on send email. You will then be able to review your information and complete your transaction with Paypal.

Current member? Please enter in your current information below so that we can update or edit your membership listing in our database. Once you hit the "send email" button at the bottom of the form it will direct you to the PayPal page for payment information.

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Land owners and managers
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Once you complete this form and hit "Send email" you will be sent to the PayPal page for payment.

Vermont Woodlands Annual Meeting 2013 

Representative Peter Welch addresses attendees

Kim Royar, Fish & Wildlife, visits with attendees.

Attendees visit with exhibitors during networking break.