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Why Leaves Change Colors

This event is hosted by Josh Halman of the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation. Each year the hillsides in Vermont light up in a cacophony of colors, but why does this happen? What do these changes have to do with…


Tree Farmer of the Year Tour with Alan Robertson

Al Robertson invites you to enjoy a day at his Pfalzerwald Tree Farm #922, a 60-acre parcel first enrolled in the American Tree Farm System in 1985. Highlights will include how the weather has influenced the work, trail design & construction, European…


What are Mammals Doing to Prepare for Winter?

Hosted by Jill Killborn of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Snowshoe hares change their fur color in the winter, but when does this happen and why? Come learn about adaptations northern forest mammals, and what they are doing in late…