Policy Monitoring

Policy Monitoring

Legislative Updates

Vermont Woodlands takes its mission of advocacy for woodland owners very seriously. We attempt to stay apprised of all legislative action affecting our members and their forests and to keep you informed of what we learn, at the state and federal level. 

Three calls to a legislator in Vermont is a virtual landslide. Make your voice heard when needed.

We have a very diverse board of directors who give thoughtful deliberation to all issues of importance to landowners. Policy committee members represent various points of view but all are treated with respect and all opinions are heard. The committee members have skillfully navigated differences and reached compromises to ensure that positions represent all equally. We are very proud of the work this committee accomplishes and applaud their spirit of collaboration and cooperation. The committee meets regularly during the legislative session to keep a close eye on bills being considered. Your committee members are:

  • Alan Robertson, Chair
  • Susan Culp
  • Jamey Fidel
  • Chris Fife
  • Steve Handfield
  • David Potter
  • Bill Sayre

What can you do to advocate for yourself? We encourage you to be active in advocacy by getting to know your local Representatives and Senators. We have learned over the years, that constituent voices carry a lot of weight and encourage you to be actively involved. Vermont is fortunate to have a citizen legislative, and that means our representatives and senators are your friends and neighbors. Get to know who represents your interests and make sure they know your story.  It matters! A quick email of introduction is a great way to open this door.

Three calls to a legislator in Vermont is a virtual landslide. Make your voice heard when needed.

VWA is an all-county member of the Vermont Farm Bureau and so we receive the weekly Under the Golden Dome that’s distributed to our members. This enews is a very complete overview of the week’s happenings and any bills that are in committee for consideration. If you don’t receive this or our regular enews, you can sign up here.

Visit the legislative website to stay informed of current activity, find your legislators, committees, and committee members.

Position Statements

It is the aim of the Board of Directors to be clear with all members, legislators, and interested parties about positions on specific topics. This is especially important when called to comment before a legislative committee or in other venues. Position statements make it possible for any member of the board to speak authoritatively and with confidence about a particular position.

All position statements have been vetted by the entire board and noted as approved.