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The Working Lands Fiscal Year 2015 Report

The Working Lands Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report is now available! The report was released on February 4, 2016 to the Legislature in a two hour presentation featuring an overview of the program, outcomes to date, testimonials from four working lands grant recipients, as well as a deep dive on forestry committee work completed in the past year. In addition to the report, the Board released an exciting six minute video providing an overview of the initiative and outlining the positive impacts the program has had on Vermont's economy, culture, and community. It's worth every bit of six minutes to view!

Landowners Guide to Wildlife Habitat Management for Lands in Vermont

Forest Trees of Vermont by Trevor Evans



The 2014 Tax Tips for Forest Landowners by Linda Wang, National Timber Tax Specialist, U.S. Forest Service

Call Before You Cut (revised 2014)
A Guide to Public Resources for Woodland Owners in Vermont

Vermont County Foresters List & Map 2014

NRCS Vermont Field Technical Guide References: A comprehensive list with links to publications on ecology, biology, habitat management, natural communities, plant ID, RTE species, and much more.

Vermont Climate Assessment Full Report: Considering Vermont’s Future in a Changing Climate
A report by The Gund Institute for Ecological Economics and The University of Vermont, 2014

The Economic Importance and Wood Flows from Vermont’s Forests, 2013. North East State Foresters Association

Forest Landowners’ Guide to the Federal Income Tax, USDA Forest Service, Feb 2013

Tax Tips for Forest Landowners for the 2013 Tax Year by Linda Wang, National Timber Tax Specialist and John Greene, Retired Research Forester, Southern Research Station

USDA Federal Income Tax on Timber: A Quick Guide for Woodland Owners, 4th Edition 2012

TIMBER HARVESTING IN VERMONT: Summary of Laws and Regulations

For the Family Landowner: Best Techniques to Increase Forest Productivity
and Value in the Northeast U.S. 2012 by NEFA
(7.71 MB PDF file)

A Review of Biomass Harvesting Best Management Practices Guidelines (2.96 MB PDF)

Vermont Invasive's Best Management Practices for the Prevention and Treatment of Terrestrial Invasive Plants in Vermont Woodlands and Invasive Terrestrial Plants of Vermont Pocket Guide

The Economic Importance and Wood Flows from Vermont’s Forests, 2007. North East State Foresters Association ( 399kb PDF)

Better Stream Crossings Using Portable Skidder Bridges DVD

Income Tax Deduction for Timber Casualty Loss (updated June 2011)

by Dr. Linda Wang
National Timber Taxation Specialist, USDA Forest Service

Vermont’s Division of Buildings and General Services July Newsletter on Tick Prevention

Good Forestry in the Granite State - Recommended Voluntary Forest Management Practices for New Hampshire 2nd Edition. Good Forestry is a 225-page guide, in a three-ring binder format and each copy comes with a cd. An on-line version is available free at . A copy of the book can be ordered on-line at that website. Directions for ordering through the mail are there as well, or you can call 800-444-8978.


Hemlock Woolly Adelgid in Vermont – Recommendations for Landowner Response 
Vermont Forests, Parks and Recreation Vermont Forest Health Update

Evaluating Sugarbush Recovery from 2010 Frost Damage
Vermont Forest Health Update

Climate Change and Forests

Vermont Forests, Parks and Recreation offers information on Climate Change and Forests.

The Lifecycle of the Emerald Ash Borer (youtube video)
EAB animation from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture


Be a Beetle Buster
For the kid in you - ALB animation, Play Freeze and Collect by visiting Be a Beetle Buster and clicking on the game at the bottom of the screen.

Place You Call Home: A Guide to Caring for Your Land in Vermont has been released by Northern Woodlands, the Corinth, Vermont, nonprofit that publishes Northern Woodlands magazine. This publication will provide Vermont landowners with essential information for taking care of their land and getting the most out of it. To order a copy please contact Northern Woodlands at


Biomass Crop Assistance Program 
USDA Offers a new program on Biomass. This fact sheet describes the Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP).


Lyme Disease in Vermont
The Vermont Department of Health has posted information about ticks and Lyme
disease at


The Vermont Woodlands Association is pleased to provide information on the many forestry related opportunities for teachers and students. Download VWA Opportunities in Education brochure.