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Get Involved with Forest Stewardship at the Northwoods Stewardship Center, E. Charleston, VT
VWA is pleased to sponsor the following event in collaboration with Northwoods Stewardship Center.

Low Impact Timber Harvest Demonstration

Saturday, October 25th   9am-12pm       $10

Cutting trees doesn’t have to leave your forest in disrepair! This workshop will guide you through a small-scale logging operation to see conscientious silviculture partnered with low-impact tractor winching and forwarding equipment. This system leaves a light footprint on the lands, and is now available as part of NorthWoods’ forest management consulting services! Come prepared to be outdoors and hike on rough trails.

To register for above workshops, call 802-723-6551 x115, or visit the Events page on the Northwoods website.


October 29, 2014 Business Skills for VT-based Loggers
This Full day training will cover a wide range of topics, including:
* Understanding and managing your business' books
* Using financial and operational information to help make good business decisions
* Business planning
* Employee retention
* Managing work/life balance
* Planning for transferring your business to new ownership.
Register by October 22nd, $20. Make check payable to LEAP, 41 Northrup Road, Middletown Springs, VT 05757

Partner Association Calendars and Events:

Hogback Community College

Audubon Vermont

Vermont Coverts

Vermont Land Trust

Vermont Family Forests

Additional Webinars and Informational Websites:

The American Tree Farm System brings you Art From the Forest on October 29th at 2PM. The program, presented by Allaire Diamond, Conservation Ecologist with VLT, will discuss allt he artful supplies the forest offers. Download Art From the Forest webinar information and registration to participate in this great learning opportunity.
American Tree Farm System
Southern Regional Extension Forestry
Urban Natural Resources Institute – An Initiative of the USDA Forest Service – Northern Research Station
Pennsylvania Extension Forestry
Deer and Forests – would be of interest to some of the foresters.