Book: A Sand County Almanac

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Book: Snow Secrets

This is a book written by Lynn Levine. It tells the story of Sarah and Jasmine, both sixth graders, venture into the woods with Tess, an Abenaki woman, and learn the art of tracking. Mysteries await them at every turn. When they return home, they learn that Boots, Sarah's cat, is missing. On their own, the girls use their recently acquired skills to search for Boots.    


Book: The Forester’s Tale

This is a book written by George and Tanya Sousa. It tells the story of Michael following his own vision of success. But, when you aren't following your true calling, things tend to go wrong. It takes losing everything and retreating into the forest to break down the walls around him and to leave him open for new love, a revived sense of spirituality and a direction he never allowed himself to imagine. "The Forester's Tale" is a uniquely romantic and modern parable about the true success that arises from doing what the soul is led to do.  


Print/Poster: Peter Huntoon “The Old Grey Barn” Print

Local Artist Peter Huntoon created a water color painting of Alan Calfee’s tree farm in Rupert for his “Fine Day in Vermont” collection. This is an outstanding way to recognize the contributions that our Tree Farmers make to Vermont’s working landscape. The Tree Farm committee has unframed, 11 x 17 limited edition prints available for purchase at $45 each (signed and numbered).