Join Us – Consulting Foresters

Join Us – Consulting Foresters

Licensed Consulting Forester Application

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Application Form

Contact Information


Society of American Foresters (SAF) Certified YesNo





Experience/ Skills

List five (5) Use Value Appraisal or equivalent forest management plans that you have prepared in the last two years. Please provide landowner, name, state, and county.

List three (3) forest product sales, which have generated at least $1000 in stumpage revenue that you have administered in the last two years. Please provide dates, landowner name, state, and county.

List three (3) significant examples of oral or written communication for public consumption that you have presented (i.e., letters to editor, radio talk show, school demonstration, publication, etc.) in the last three years.

Additional Information/ Signature

Annual dues are currently $160.

Please send completed application and dues check to Vermont Woodlands Association, PO Box 6004, Rutland, VT 05702. Your check will be held pending acceptance by the Advisory Committee.

My signature certifies that I am a Vermont licensed forester and the information submitted here is accurate and true, to the best of my knowledge.