Consulting Forester Continuing Education and Licensing

Consulting Forester Continuing Education and Licensing

Consulting Forester Continuing Education and Licensing

Vermont Woodlands is a supporter of forester licensing. Any person holding himself or herself out to the public as a forester must be licensed. 26 V.S.A. § 5203(a)(4). And regardless of title, any person practicing forestry must be licensed. Id. § 5203(a)(3). Read the rules governing forester licensing here.

The Secretary of State’s website provides a listing of all licensed foresters. As you all know, not every forester is a consulting forester. While this resource can tell landowners if a forester is licensed, it cannot tell them if a forester is a consultant, state or federal forester, industry forester, etc. We encourage woodland owners to employ consulting foresters and to promote our Consulting Forester members. Our membership directory and ad in Northern Woodlands Magazine is the resource that will provide this level of information for landowners.

The law requires that applicants to renew a license demonstrate completion of 24 hours of continuing forestry education, earned in the two-year licensing period preceding renewal [26 V.S.A. § 5224].  It has been our goal to ensure that our consulting foresters can acquire at least the minimum number of credits in a two-year period. Toward this end, many of our programs offer SAF Continuing Education Credits. Check our calendar of events regularly for current learning opportunities.

In addition to Vermont Woodlands programs, you can also get credits from many of our partners and other providers. If you want information on programs available for credit, please check these provider websites.

·         Society of American Foresters website has a listing of programs available in Vermont and the region.

·         Our Vermont Woods offers online webinars and other links to programs with Continuing Education Credits

·         University of Vermont Extension for environment and natural resources

·         US Forest Service website has links to leadership and technical workshops around the country.

·         Northeast Silviculture Institute has online training available for credit

·         American Tree Farm System has online refresher training for inspectors and webinars. [Note: Credits are also available for Tree Farm inspections.]

If you have any licensing questions, you may contact Kathleen or the Office of Professional Regulation or Frequently Asked Questions.