Ways to Support the VWA

Ways to Support the VWA


Do you love to meet people? We have lots of opportunities for ‘schmoozing’ with other members and the public. Staff our booth at one several shows and events we do during the year.

  • Annual Vermont Farm Show
  • Vermont Woodlands Annual Meeting
  • Addison County Field Days
  • Vermont State Fair in Rutland
  • Tree Farmer of the Year Tour
  • … and others.

Become a Vermont Woodlands Ambassador to help us grow stewardship.

Do you love to show off your stewardship? Would you like to host a Walk in the Woods on your property? Or, perhaps just visit with a neighbor to talk about your woodland management. We’d be happy to help you plan and promote an event or just send you materials you can use for one-on-one personal conversations.  Give us a call or email so we can help you.

Charitable Donations

Vermont Woodlands appreciates the support you provide. Through your generosity, we have been able to advance our goal of being “A Voice for Healthy Forests.” As a member-centered, locally led organization, we depend upon charitable contributions, membership dues, and program revenues. As the need of private forest landowners to have a voice in many different matters increases, your support becomes even more important.

There are so many ways that you can support us for today or for the future.

We understand that charitable giving is a choice and that many organizations compete for your contributions. We hope that Vermont Woodlands is among the organization you choose to support.

If you choose to make a contribution to Vermont Woodlands, we have several different funds as well as donor-advised endowments. Our funds are designed to help us manage current operations and support current programs. Our endowments will ensure a financially healthy future. You may designate where you’d like your contribution to be invested.

Funds have accessible principal, which the Board may use at its discretion. These include:

  • The Annual Fund for day-to-day operations
  • The Emergency  Reserve Fund
  • The Working Capital Fund, a holding fund in an interest bearing account to be used to supplement general operations, as required
  • Bizzozero Tree Farm Fund to support Tree Farm activities; spending limitations outlined in agreement with Bizzozero family
  • NEW! Robertson Tree Farm Operations Fund to support Tree Farm administrative costs and other activities; spending determined by the Tree Farm Committee

Endowments are invested to preserve capital and encourage growth and income, while minimizing investment management costs. The Board may not spend principal.  Endowment contributions may be made to any of the following:

  • Executive Director Donor-Restricted Endowment:   income to be used to support the position of Executive Director.
  • Upton Wildlife Donor-Restricted Endowment:  income to support programming dedicated to wildlife purposes, at Board’s discretion.
  • Vermont Woodlands Memorial Endowment: Restricted endowment permanently owned by VT Community Foundation; income distributed annually to VWA to be used at Board’s discretion

Vermont Woodlands funds and endowments are managed by Kings Point Capital Management, LLC in Great Neck, NY

How can you make a contribution?

  • Write a check to Vermont Woodlands and mail it to us indicating which fund you wish to support
  • Use the Donate button on our website to contribute online
  • When you turn 70-1/2, you must begin to take Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from your Individual Retirement Account. Read the article on RMDs by VWA treasurer Trevor Evans to learn how he supported VWA with A Charitable Contribution from his IRA.
  • Create a Charitable Gift Annuity or Trust for the benefit of Vermont Woodlands