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Who are Vermont Woodlands licensed Consulting Foresters?
Vermont Woodlands accredited consulting foresters are committed to promoting and strengthening the long-term conservation and management of Vermont’s natural resources.

List of Vermont Woodlands licensed consulting foresters (2017-2018) (PDF)

What sets Vermont Woodlands accredited consulting foresters apart from other foresters practicing in Vermont?
Vermont Woodlands accredited consulting foresters:

  * have college degrees in Forestry or related natural resource fields
  * have at least 5 years consulting forestry experience
  * complete active continuing education programs

What do consulting foresters do?
Consulting foresters assist private landowners in identifying and achieving goals for their woodlands, including managing for forest products, wildlife habitat, recreation, water resources, and aesthetics. Services provided by consulting foresters include forest resource planning, marking trees to be removed, preparing and negotiating contracts, administering sales of forest products, appraisals and inventories, and assisting in tax treatment of woodlands. Some consulting foresters specialize in particular areas, such as Christmas tree production or sugarbush management.

Vermont Woodlands Accredited Consulting Foresters Resources:

New! Changes to the Land Use Change Tax Calculation and the Temporary “Easy Out” for Withdrawing Land

  * Vermont Woodlands Accredited Consulting Foresters Application (PDF)
  * Vermont Woodlands Accredited Consulting Foresters Qualifications Appendix (PDF)

Technical Service Provider (TSP) Certification Requirements to become certified to write Forest Management Plans for NRCS Vermont.

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