Climate Adaptation and Forest Management at Catamount Community Forest (webinar)

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Coffee with a County Forester — Nancy Patch (webinar)

Nancy Patch is the Franklin-Grand Isle County Forester and has worked for the department over the last 13 years. Every geographic region has its focus, and for Nancy the focus is very much sugaring and Northern hardwood management. In addition, ecosystem conservation and climate change management are two of Nancy’s top priorities as a forester


Apple Tree Pruning — Dave Wilcox (webinar)

Dave Wilcox, Tree Farmer and forester with VT Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, hosted a webinar on Apple Tree pruning and maintenance. Click this link to view the recording of the Zoom webinar from April 12, 2020, which was sponsored by the Vermont Woodlands Association, the Vermont Tree Farm Committee, and VT FPR.


Legacy Planning — Mary Sisock (webinar)

Private landowners hope land will stay in the family into the future but have not made suitable plans for that to happen. Dr. Mary Sisock, an expert on land legacy planning, presented planning strategies and information on programs and resources for landowners. Click this link for the recording of the Zoom conference presented on April