July’s Insect and Disease Observations

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US Doubles Tariffs on Canadian Softwood Lumber and Contractors Expect Higher Prices

The Biden administration’s US Commerce Dept. on Nov. 24 followed through with expected anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Canadian softwood lumber producers, placing tariffs of 17.99% on their imports, more than twice the rate of 8.99% during the Trump administration. “These unjustified duties harm Canadian communities, businesses, and workers,” said Mary Ng, Canada’s minister of international


Rugged Ridge Grows Sugarbush, Business in Pace with the Forest

By Christine McGowan, Forest Products Program Director at Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund It’s often said in business that “bigger is better,” but for Josh Seidman, steward of Rugged Ridge Forest, “better” is making the highest-quality maple syrup sustainably. A 2010 University of Vermont graduate, Seidman became interested in forestry after taking a small woodlot management class


Forest Manager and Ecologist: Tii McLane

Elisabeth McLane, who goes by “Tii,” operates a small consulting business out of Strafford, VT. Tii provides consulting forestry services, as well as contract work in wildlife habitat, botany, and natural community mapping. Tii first became interested in forestry when in high school, and after graduating she worked for the Forest Service in California. She


Zebra Mussels Identified in Aquarium Products

 Vermont Agency of Natural Resources staff scientists were alerted last week that an aquarium plant sold within Vermont and throughout the country may contain an invasive aquatic animal species, zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha). The aquarium plant commonly known as moss balls, may be sold under names including “Beta Buddy Marimo Balls,” “Mini Marimo Moss Balls,” and